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Whoa, dude, two liveblogs in a row? Well, blame Fox for airing two episodes on the same day. No way am I waiting to watch an episode of Masterchef, so here we go. Spoilers under the cut, of course.

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Oh NO i didn't realize there were randomly two episodes that aired yesterday and I already spoiled myself on which of the teams won the team challenge. 8) Well, I won't make a guess then, since I ruined it. Didn't see what the pressure test was though, so I'll still make my guess on that one. But anyway, as per usual, here's a Masterchef liveblog that probably no one will read but I will have a heck of a time writing thanks k spoilers under the cut.

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Yo since I have nothing better to do, I'm going to liveblog this week's episode of Masterchef (it aired on 7-27-16) because that show is my life ok ok. (Obvs this will have spoilers, but like, I doubt anyone will be reading this anyway. I just feel obligated to warn for it. Plus I'm watching this a day after it aired (and late on the day after it aired) so hopefully everyone who actually cares has already watched the episode anyway.)

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