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So I know I've been liveblogging Masterchef and I know the finale was this week, but spoiler alert, I already know who won and honestly don't feel like it'll be worth my time even watching the episode. So no liveblog from me, and I seriously don't even know if I'm going to continue watching this show in the future, because this season, from top 7 or so on, was pretty much just a joke. The show in general is too goddamn dramatic for a cooking show, and I'm tired of blatant favoritism.

But on the off-chance anyone was actually planning on reading my liveblog, I'll even spoil the winner for you under the cut. Apologies that I am now being the dramatic one.

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So. That's that, then. Again, I'm not sure if I'll even be watching Masterchef anymore, so there may be no more liveblogs of it from me (/cue absolutely no one caring), though I may liveblog Masterchef Junior when/if it comes on again. It's kind of hard for them to overdramatize a show with children on it, and it's rare any of the kids are jerks so overall it is a much more pleasant show to watch. :/

Bye for now. Time to go wallow in my disappointment (and celebrate the two hours of my life I have now freed up by making this decision).


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