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Oh NO i didn't realize there were randomly two episodes that aired yesterday and I already spoiled myself on which of the teams won the team challenge. 8) Well, I won't make a guess then, since I ruined it. Didn't see what the pressure test was though, so I'll still make my guess on that one. But anyway, as per usual, here's a Masterchef liveblog that probably no one will read but I will have a heck of a time writing thanks k spoilers under the cut.

Man was that preview dramatic: Most shocking elimination in Masterchef history. It's getting me hyped, at least.

I already got spoiled and know that Dan's team is going to beat Diamond's, and I'm glad. Dan is someone who I started out disliking, but seeing him continue in this competition has really caused him to grow on me. I'm glad that I know that he'll be guaranteed another week in the competition.

Aw man, why does everyone hate Nathan so much? I would've taken the advantage Dan did anyway, because I think it's better to have less people on the team just on principle (so you get that advantage, plus you get to pick what you cook? Score.), but why did he have to throw Nathan under the bus again? Nathan must be brattier than the show makes him look or something.

I am super surprised that Terry wasn't one of the first picks. He has proven time and time again that he's a beast in the kitchen. But my darling Brandi is on Dan's team, so that means she's safe! Nice.

Oh shoot though, Eric is on Diamond's team. Anyone who has read my other liveblog knows that he is unquestionably my favorite in this competition right now, but I do think that since this upcoming elimination is so "shocking," he probably won't be leaving. I'll wait to guess that until I see how the judging is and what the pressure test actually is.

I relate to Nathan so much. I feel for him in the fact that he's a talented, skillful person that isn't being used to his full capacity because others are underestimating him, and it hurts. I think he's taking it well, though, since I know when I'm in a situation like that, I do not act anywhere near as maturely as he does. I commend him for that, and I really hope that someone who doesn't underestimate him is eventually made his team captain. Or he wins the entire competition or something just to make a point, lmao.

So, question. Is it typical for Masterchef to have so many team challenges, or is that something new for this season, because I've actually only watched a few episodes here and there of this show in the past so I don't know. I have watched full seasons of Masterchef Junior though and they don't have half this many team challenges, so I'm just curious. I know no one's going to answer this since no one's going to read this liveblog in the first place, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Honestly, pork is my least favorite protein, so I can't even say which plate I would like better just hearing what it is. Sorry, but I hate pork that much. And I don't really want to judge based on everything else, mostly because I already know who wins anyway so it takes the fun out of guessing.

Oh man, of course Diamond's team ran out of kale. Of course. Poor Nathan. Well, so much for anyone ever not underestimating him...This mess up will make him even more of a pariah than he already is, I'm sure. Even Eric's tearing into him at this point, and Eric has been so sweet to everybody up to this point. Just...Poor Nathan.

And the kale tastes bad too? Oh, Nathan, you're killing me here. I'm trying to be your cheerleader, but I can't justify that if you don't cook well.

I have to say, I just gained tons of respect for Diamond because even as the opposing team was announced the winner, she looked so genuinely happy for them. I can't say what the entirety of her team looked like, but I did see a few other people (namely Andrea and Nathan) and they looked ticked. Good on you, Diamond, for supporting the win of your peers even though they weren't on your team.

Oh man, the blow up between Andrea and Nathan. As much as I used to love Andrea, it would be sweet, sweet justice if she left in the pressure test. I'm almost hoping for it. Yes, Nathan messed up, yes, his team has a right to be irritated, but what they were saying about him was beyond inappropriate. That entire exchange was so horrendously awkward, but I just want to hug Nathan. I relate to him so much, and I hope he knows that there is at least one person out here who is rooting for him and understands the struggle he's going through (and, you know, doesn't personally know him, since I'm sure his family and friends fall under this category as well).

Alright, so the people taking part in this pressure test are: Terry, Eric, Diamond, Nathan, Andrea, and Shaun. Since the result is apparently "shocking," I'm going to wait to make my guess until after what the test consists of is revealed.

Oh okay, wait, someone is going to be safe. Good thing I didn't waste time guessing, lol. Let's see who is really going to be in the pressure test.

I should've guessed who they were going to save, lol. Course I would've been wrong because I would've guessed Eric. But you know. The actual person who was chosen to be saved was...Nathan! Well, at least he's officially in the top 10, even though he can't prove himself to get up there.

The pressure test itself is to make a sausage in a bun from scratch. Taking that + the "shocking" elimination into account, my prediction is as follows: Eric and Terry will have the two best (very best will be Eric. I really hope that guess isn't my bias talking, but it seems like even though Terry is incredible, he never seems to be the best.). Bottom three will be, obviously, the only three left: Diamond, Shaun, and Andrea. Diamond will absolutely be safe. It's super, super tough for me to choose between Shaun and Andrea as to who will leave, but I'm going to go with Andrea on the grounds that she looked really shocked when she found out the sausage would have to be made from scratch. It's such a tough choice though, since Shaun fell apart in the last test, showing me that it could very well happen again. I also have no memory of Andrea ever buckling to stress, and she is undeniably a strong cook. But then, so is Shaun. But anyway, yes, that's my guess. Andrea's going.

I always feel bad for vegetarians in this competition. who was it last season...Hetal or something? She was a vegetarian who actually made it pretty far, but there's only so much you can do without being able to taste your own food. This year it's Diamond, and I appreciate that she sucks it up and cooks the meat without making a thing over it (not that Hetal was really bad, but I think there was only one episode (maybe two?) where it was mentioned that Diamond's a vegetarian while with Hetal, it's pretty much all I knew about her.). Anyway, point is, it's probably going to be a bit difficult for Diamond to make a sausage from scratch she doesn't eat meat.

I love Eric so much it hurts. I know he's not going to win this competition, but I do hope he stays until at least top 5. He's so sweet and earnest and just a great guy.

Oh shoot, David started smack talking Shaun because Christina asked him the wonderfully loaded question of "who doesn't deserve to be in the top 10" and Shaun picks Nathan and David. And David's just a genuine asshole, so of course he can't handle that and starts goading. I don't know if that's what threw Shaun off or if it was just bad luck, but now I have even more of a reason to hope that Shaun makes it through. I hate smack talking like that, and I also really don't like David (I totally forgot he was even in the competition when I was doing my last liveblog, lol. I know I said that I was hoping Katie and Diamond get out soon. I was wrong. I actually really hope David gets out on the next pressure test he does, because he has just always been an asshole, and I'm tired of him. At least Diamond is a sweetie and Katie...Katie just doesn't really stand out to me, so I don't have much to say about her. (If you care to know why I said I disliked them before, go skim my other liveblog. It's pointless to get into it here.)).

Though honestly I think it was BS that Christina even asked that question. There was no way to answer that tactfully and, yet again, this show is just trying to create drama where there shouldn't be any. I just want to watch my fun, wholesome cooking show. I don't want all this drama. I'll go watch Desperate Housewives if I want that, my gosh.

It is so unfair making the chefs' walk to the front part of their time limit. Hopefully I don't have to explain why. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Oh my gosh, Andrea didn't make it to the front. Apparently the judges are still going to judge her, but that doesn't seem quite fair when they made it part of the time to walk to the front? But the walk to the front being part of the time isn't fair in itself, so I don't know. It's a tough one. Maybe that'll just be the tiebreaker if her sausage is not incredible or something. We'll see.

Eric knocked it out of the park, YES.

Terry also knocked it out of the park. Predictable, but still great!

Andrea's sausage was incredible. Makes me feel like they're going to give her a break on not making it to the front. also I was clearly off on my guess UNLESS her not making it to the front seriously is a big enough penalty to boot her.

Shaun's sausage is clearly in the bottom. But it doesn't look like it was the one shown in the preview, so maybe he still has a shot?

And Diamond's sausage is raw.

And okay, my post-judgement guess. Terry and Andrea are top two. Diamond and Shaun bottom two with Diamond leaving. I don't see why that's shocking though, which seriously makes me go back to thinking that Andrea not making it to the table was enough of a penalty to boot her. You'd think they'd say that before tasting her food though, but I guess this show is all about the drama.

Gordon being all "this is hard." Dude. Diamond's sausage was RAW. You COULDN'T TASTE IT. If Andrea hadn't been to the front in time, there wouldn't have been anything to talk about, yet he's making it seem as if he's picking between Diamond and Shaun. Seriously.

Holy shit. Andrea went home. So my initial guess was actually correct, though I can't judge anything else since they didn't rank any of the other sausages? Though I'll say through my own judgment that Eric and Terry were probably top (though I can't for sure say who had the best of those two), so I was pretty close. Only mistake was, obviously, that Diamond and Shaun would've been bottom two rather than Andrea and Shaun.

I have never been so sorry about being right. At least Andrea is the first contestant to get a video montage.

Ahh, I'm crying. I know I said I wanted Andrea to leave so Nathan would get revenge, in a way, but not like this. She was so talented, and this is actually really tragic. I'm just glad that she seems to be taking it well in her personal interview. I wish her the best, and I'm sure she'll be successful in anything she does.
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