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Whoa, dude, two liveblogs in a row? Well, blame Fox for airing two episodes on the same day. No way am I waiting to watch an episode of Masterchef, so here we go. Spoilers under the cut, of course.

The chefs have to make a breakfast dish that includes Nutella. This seems like a super easy challenge, so I feel like the judges are going to be basing their decision on creativity more than anything. I mean, Nutella goes on basically everything, so how hard could this be?

Just saying, Tanorria's dish sounds delicious. I hope she manages to pull it off, since I feel like it has the potential to be at the top.

Okay, that interview Chef Lee just did with Eric has to be my favorite so far in this entire competition. I love how he pulled in more chefs than just Eric. Why can't that happen more often? I want to see cute interactions between these people outside of team challenges! You can tell that there are a lot of great friendships being built. See, this is what the show should emphasize rather than all the forced drama. Makes for much better television.

OKAY quick guess on who the three standouts are. I'm going to say Tanorria, Brandi, Terry.

After seeing the intro to the first person, I'm kind of thinking it's going to be Dan. So I'm going to be a cheater and replace Terry with Dan in my guesses.

Yeah, my changed guess was correct. Dan is the first chef chosen to present his dish! I'm not going to fully count that as a win for myself since it wasn't an original guess, though.

Tanorria is the second chef chosen. One point to me!

Yeahhhh, Terry is the final chef chosen! Okay, so I missed on Brandi, but give me some credit, guys. I am super good at reading this show.

And I think the top out of the three is going to be Terry. He really deserves it.

Yay, Terry won! I'm so happy for him!

I love that Terry is guessing all these dishes before they're revealed. I don't understand why most of his peers don't think he's the frontrunner, because he is undeniably the frontrunner, especially now that Andrea has been eliminated.

Quick guess! Terry is gonna pick risotto. Mostly because that's the only one I can spell.

NO HE PICKED THE KOREAN DISH. I don't even know how to pronounce that much less spell it. It's just going to be called The Dish because I'm way too lazy to try to look it up.

Nathan just full out sprinted into that pantry. That was frickin funny.

"I'd make this with caterpillars, but there are no caterpillars in the pantry today. So I'll make it with chicken instead." Jfc, Nathan, if you let everyone else see this side of you they wouldn't hate you so much. Whatchu doin, boy.

Gordon Ramsey's pants are really tight this episode. Awkward.

Aw shoot, I forgot to guess who was going to be the top and bottom. It's hard to guess with this many people in the pressure test, but here I go. Top two will be Dan and...Shaun. Bottom will be Eric and David with Eric leaving. Okay, let's do this.

Oh jeez, how has Nathan not cooked rice before? Even I, the worst cook in America, have cooked rice. Not well, but I know how to do it. Vaguely. Oh man.

I love how Ramsey was really patient with him and didn't pick on him for not knowing how to cook rice, though. He can be so nice when he tries to be. Also I'm so glad that it doesn't seem like Ramsey has given up on Nathan even though literally everybody else on this show has.

Okay, I'm going to have to change my guess on Eric leaving, since he hasn't been shown even once. They wouldn't do than only to have him go home. So knowing that, my new bottom two guess is David and Nathan with David leaving.

Brandi did amazing. Yes! (Also Brandi having trouble pronouncing the name of the dish was hilarious. She's so adorable.)

David's dish looks kind of gross. But then, I am also very adverse to using tomato-based sauces on anything but plain pasta, so I'm probably not the best judge. Well, the judge also said that the tomato sauce makes it look ugly, so maybe I am a good judge. And his dish didn't taste the best either. David is mad, but that's not new. I am dreading the day he goes home because he will probably either throw a tantrum, throw a punch, or both. He thinks he's so great, but he's never going to be the best.

Dan's dish was predictably amazing, despite there still being some issues. He is seriously growing on me more and more with every episode. I feel like he'll end up my favorite once Eric is inevitably eliminated, and I honestly can't believe it.

They liked Nathan's dish! I'm so happy! This episode is really making it clear that the judges still believe in him, and really, that's all that matters. He can pull through with the other contestants underestimating him so long as he keeps putting great food out for the judges when it counts. Nathan knows his talents and he believes in himself and I'm so glad to see that the others haven't driven him down.

Katie...did not do well. A lot of the critique has to do with flavors so I can't say much on it, but she seems to be in trouble.

Shaun's dish looks like it has less rice than everyone else's? I don't understand. Did he just use a bigger bowl, or...? They didn't comment on the size of the portion, so maybe it is just the bowl making it look small. Anyway, Shaun did incredibly as well.

Oh jesus, I forgot about Diamond's dish. She made a Thanksgiving-themed dish. Ah, man, I really wish I'd have picked her over Nathan for the bottom two, but they showed her cooking so close to the beginning of the sequence that I had completely forgotten her by the end, but even before the judges have said anything, I'm thinking she's out. What in the world was she thinking making this?

She literally just threw a meal on top of rice. Wow. It doesn't taste good either, apparently. I definitely think she's out of here.

Alright, post-judging guesses. Top two are going to be Brandi and Dan (if there's only one at the top, then Dan). Bottom three are David, Diamond, and Katie with Diamond leaving.

OOOH the best dish was Shaun's. I totally missed the mark on that one with my post-judging guess. It's so hard to guess with this many people cooking!!

I'm just going to say, I really want David out of the kitchen. He has such an anger problem and is so annoying and I'm tired of watching him. Pretty sure everyone else is tired of him being around too. He's just nasty. To everybody. What a brat.

I was right on the three in the bottom though: David, Katie, and Diamond. David is immediately announced to be safe.

Oh god no, Katie girl, don't start begging the judges, please. I hate when people do that. I get the worst second-hand embarrassment. And there stands poor Diamond, silent, just wanting the results and Katie's here fighting for herself when I'm nearly positive she'll be staying anyway since at least her dish tasted good, oh my god I need to just stop typing this and go back to the show even though it's painful to watch Katie do this.

And what do you know, Katie is safe and Diamond will be leaving. I don't have much to say on this one. Honestly, these three are my least favorite in the kitchen right now, though of the three, Diamond was the one I wanted most to stay. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.


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