Sep. 3rd, 2016

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Live from my brand new apartment, here's the Masterchef Liveblog that No One Cares About! Spoilers under the cut. (Also sorry that I'm writing this so late, on the very slim chance someone is reading this. I know the new episode came out four days ago, but I haven't had internet access since last Tuesday, so I had no means of watching it nor actually writing up the liveblog post. Oops.)

(Also apologies, as this entry likely won't be as detailed as the usual because I am extremely tired. I'm probably going to only put a few little comments interspersing my guesses as to the winners/losers. Also I didn't watch the preview to this episode, so I won't be basing any of my guesses on that so sorry if I make a stupid error that I could've avoided had I watched the preview.)

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I'm going to preface this with a disclaimer that I'm 99% sure Fox fucked up and posted this episode a week before they were supposed to, because even on the website itself it says the network air date for this is Sept 7. It is currently Sept 3. So if that is indeed true, I'd recommend not reading this, because the spoilers will be even more major than usual.

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Alright, wow, three liveblogs in one day but you know what it's not my fault I had to put off my Masterchef viewing until Saturday and it's not my fault that Sunshine comes out on Saturday so. (Plus I still stand by the opinion that no one reads my liveblogs anyway, so who is this really hurting? Only me, because I am wasting my own time.) Spoilers under the cut.

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