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So I know I've been liveblogging Masterchef and I know the finale was this week, but spoiler alert, I already know who won and honestly don't feel like it'll be worth my time even watching the episode. So no liveblog from me, and I seriously don't even know if I'm going to continue watching this show in the future, because this season, from top 7 or so on, was pretty much just a joke. The show in general is too goddamn dramatic for a cooking show, and I'm tired of blatant favoritism.

But on the off-chance anyone was actually planning on reading my liveblog, I'll even spoil the winner for you under the cut. Apologies that I am now being the dramatic one.

Shaun won. To be completely honest, I was only even planning on watching the finale at all if Brandi won because I hate David and Shaun that much. At least I hate Shaun a tiny bit less than David. I think I would've punched a wall if David had won he is such a little bitch oh my god.

Anyway. I'm salty. I can't say anything as far as what happened in the finale because literally all I know about it is who won, but based on the overall journey of all three chefs this season, I feel Brandi deserved it more. Sorry. (Course I'm hella biased because I love Brandi, but you know. Doesn't make her any worse of a chef just because I was rooting for her so hard...)

So. That's that, then. Again, I'm not sure if I'll even be watching Masterchef anymore, so there may be no more liveblogs of it from me (/cue absolutely no one caring), though I may liveblog Masterchef Junior when/if it comes on again. It's kind of hard for them to overdramatize a show with children on it, and it's rare any of the kids are jerks so overall it is a much more pleasant show to watch. :/

Bye for now. Time to go wallow in my disappointment (and celebrate the two hours of my life I have now freed up by making this decision).
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