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Spoilers under the cut.

Five minutes in and we've already had Mari flirt with Kanan, Riko throw a water bottle to Chika in a very emphasized fashion, and Mari crack me up in the way that she announced "zero." Good start. XD

Yes Chika, perfect plan. Let's just make THE ENTIRE SCHOOL idols.

...Seriously though, she's making more of a choir than an idol group at this point. Obviously it is not going to work out, but what the hell is Chika thinking? What the hell is that enormous group of girls thinking? Where the hell were they at the beginning of the series when Chika was desperately trying to find members to build her club? Honestly, I have been unhappy with every major plot point of this anime. I still love Aqours (the girls and their music), but I don't think this story is very good.

Um, okay, so I'm glad that plot point was erased quickly, but like. By "applied before," does it mean the thing I was talking about before about how it seemed weird that Riko was allowed to compete despite not performing with the group originally? Are they now going to find out last minute that Riko actually can't sing, or...? But Riko herself doesn't seem overtly worried... Guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

I really hope that Yoshiko gets another development episode, though as it is right now, I doubt she will. Her induction episode was great, getting to see her insecurities and whatnot, but ever since then, I feel like the writers have been leaning on every stereotype they themselves gave Yoshiko. She never drops the Yohane act and genuinely does not seem to have a personality outside of "Yohane." If her development episode showed us anything, it's that Yoshiko is definitely deeper than that, and it irks me that the writers, instead of exploring that, are shoehorning her for the sake of developing the other girls.

Apparently it is Complaining Day, because I have just come up with something else I'm not a fan of. One thing that I think the original LL did really well was the dynamics between the different years. Like, the Nico-Nozomi-Eli relationship, Umi-Kotori-Honoka and Rin-Hanayo-Maki. Not so with Aqours. And yes, every group of people has a different dynamic, and I say all the time how glad I am that Aqours isn't a carbon copy of u's, but there just seems like there's with every class trio.

Like, does Yoshiko ever interact with Ruby, or is Hanamaru literally the only link between the two of them?

Sure, You's entire development episode was about her accepting that Chika could be friends with both her and Riko and becoming more accepting of Riko in the process, but the water bottle interaction near the beginning of the episode seemed forced to me (not forced on You's part, but forced on that of the writers...There was no reason for You to even be present at that point other than to show the audience that hey, You is now officially part of the trio! And that's...bad writing.).

And sure, the third year girls are made out to be these Forever Friends, but I don't feel it and I'm not sure why. Yeah, Mari flirts like hell, Kanan clearly cares for everybody and Dia...I can't get a good read on Dia, honestly, but maybe that's part of the problem too. I wish I could pinpoint what exactly it is about those three that strikes me as false, but I can't.

Anyway, point is, the friendships between the same-class girls in u's seemed a lot more natural and fun than those in Aqours. Maybe Aqours is just suffering now from having Too Many Members. I'd have to go back and read previous liveblogs, but I swear I spent one talking about how I loved the dynamic between the Aqours members and hoping it wouldn't go away when the third years joined? Yeah, it went away when the third years joined. >.<

I mean, I love Kanan and Mari and wouldn't give them up for the world, but...I can't deny that their (and Dia) joining Aqours made the show as a whole less enjoyable. It's unfortunate.

and okay, it looks like Riko is definitely performing. I don't understand then why it took her so long to tell everyone that the rest of their classmates couldn't compete? It's not like it would've hurt anyone to just be like, "Yo, thanks for the offer, but we literally cannot have you perform with us because it's against the rules." I figured she held off because it was going to be related to her and she didn't want to break the bad news early on? Though that would've been stupid in and of itself, since they've been practicing the dance with Riko all that time... Huh.

Why are these girls giving monologues? Isn't the audience there to see them sing? Also why are they in their uniforms? What even is this? I am so incredibly confused.

There is no way that everyone in that audience can hear their skit right now. I don't care how loudly they're yelling...if they don't have microphones, only the front, like, two rows in an auditorium that large would be able to hear them clearly. This fact is only adding to my confusion.

Not to mention they've only shown audience members who are related to the Aqours members or already go to their school? WHAT IS THIS PERFORMANCE? WHO IS WATCHING THEM? WHERE EVEN ARE THEY?????

Okay, they magically changed clothes? And then Chika gets her classmates to start raving. I think this episode might be on something. (And may I mention yet again that I still don't even know where or why they're performing? I thought before that skit that this was something Love Live related, but why the hell would anyone think it's a good idea to risk their entry to Love Live with something like that?)

Was that...Was that it? Was that the end of the season? It'd make sense, since I think the original was only 13 episodes, but that was extremely abrupt. I mean, I already knew they'd be making a second season, but what.

I am nothing but confused. I can't even say I enjoyed that episode as a whole because I am just that baffled. I can't even say whether I'll be back next week or not because I genuinely do not know if that was the last episode of the season or not. It sure seems like it, but again, it was just. so. abrupt.



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