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Spoilers under the cut!

Kanan gets everyone sashimi to celebrate Aqours making it through the qualifier and everyone is complaining that they want something else? Why are these girls suddenly such ingrates? You make it through one measly qualifying round and suddenly you're a big shot? I don't think so, girlies. XP

Okay seriously, I've said this before, but I love how much Ruby opened up after Dia joined Aqours. I had noticed before Dia joined that it still seemed like Ruby was holding something back and it was actually annoying me, since I felt like if she was going to be an Aqours member, she should be comfortable enough around them to be herself, but I guess all it took was Dia joining for her to let loose. Kind of unfortunate (and a bit weird) that Hanamaru couldn't trigger that in her, but at least it shows what sort of relationship Ruby has with her sister.

These girls have such high hopes for saving their school, but from my understanding, it is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I have a hard time believing students are going to want to go to a school in the middle of nowhere just because an idol group went there. They are way too optimistic.

This is totally random, but it always gets me how short the uniform skirts in Love Live are. Like, in America, if a girl had a skirt twice the length of those things she might be at risk of getting told off depending on where she goes to school, but both u's and Aqours have these teeny little skirts and the school expects them to be worn that way? I know it's an animated tv show and I know the skirts are like that more for fan service than anything, but still.

I love Chika's collection of plush shellfish. XD Very chic.

I also really love Chika in collared shirts. She just looks really good in them for some reason? Weird.

And how the heck did these girls just miraculously get the money for an impromptu trip to Tokyo? I have so many questions.

Ugh why did Chika invite Saint Snow? I know they're the "antagonists" so we're going to see a lot of them, but I just. Don't like them. I don't like their personalities, I don't like their songs...I do like their designs, but liking to look at them doesn't make up for how annoying they are. I'm as disappointed as Ruby and Dia are about this, honestly.

I never understood the hypercompetitive aspects to so many anime (including sports anime). What ever happened to just doing something because it's fun? I mean, being sad you lost makes a bit more sense in sports anime, since people just play sports because they enjoy it, but being a school idol has to include doing things for the enjoyment of others as well. I kind of relate it back to when I played clarinet. I liked to practice my clarinet and play in a group, but my favorite thing to do was perform as a soloist. I never competed as a soloist, so maybe the comparison isn't perfect, but it never mattered. I just enjoyed sharing something fun with an audience. Why aren't idols more like that?

Lol @ Dia asking the Real Questions, like why the hell they even went to Tokyo.

Okay, I don't actually have much more to say. I'm glad that Chika finally decided that she shouldn't try to make Aqours exactly like u's, but I just don't have much commentary on that scene. It was cute, but anticlimactic.

Anyway, another episode with no song. Come on, Love Live, I'm here for songs not life lessons. Get with the program.


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