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Alright, wow, three liveblogs in one day but you know what it's not my fault I had to put off my Masterchef viewing until Saturday and it's not my fault that Sunshine comes out on Saturday so. (Plus I still stand by the opinion that no one reads my liveblogs anyway, so who is this really hurting? Only me, because I am wasting my own time.) Spoilers under the cut.

Okay, random thought that I just realized. So Kanan has been friends with Chika and You since childhood. She has also been friends with Mari and Dia since childhood. However, it is implied that the first Chika and You had even heard of Dia and Mari was when they met each girl individually. Why in the world did Kanan work so hard to keep her two sets of friends separate? I'm sure there isn't an actual reason other than Plot Necessity, but it's still hella weird.

I LOVE RUBY AND DIA TOGETHER OH MY GOD. They are cute and hilarious and Ruby is opening up so much more now that Dia is around. It's great.

Okay, I think I must've missed something, but what the hell is this snack bar and why is Dia suddenly so worried about it? I thought Dia didn't want everyone to help out with it, and now she's suddenly all "we must make it succeed" what is happening? I'm guessing this is a filler episode, but you know, would it be so hard to at least make filler episodes make sense?

I'm almost halfway through the episode and haven't found much to comment on, obviously. I'm going to chalk that up to this being filler.

So You's a good cook as well. Is there anything this girl can't do? Of course there is, and I'm guessing right now that her focus episode will be about whatever that thing happens to be. If You even gets a focus episode, anyway.

Oh man, Kanan and Mari snuggling in the same futon what have we done to deserve such beauty. (Dia and Ruby are cute as well, but I don't ship them because that is Gross. They're just cute siblings okok.)

Riko: "I'm having so much fun with everyone in Aqours. And I met you[, Chika]." Riko, your gay is showing.

Why does it seem like every other episode includes an almost-confession scene between Chika and Riko? (*cough*because they're soulmates*cough*)

WHAT. WHAAAAAAAAAT. I was about to write another comment about how this episode had two almost-confession scenes when AN ACTUAL CONFESSION HAPPENED OMG SUNSHINE ACTUALLY WENT THERE. ChikaRiko is definitely as canon as humanly possible, holy cow.

(I know, I know, Riko's "I love you" wasn't meant like that, but come on. The scene 100% would've been meant romantically had it been a girl and a boy, so that's the way I'm looking at it.)

And with that, this episode of Love Live Sunshine is over. Sorry for the lackluster commentary, but there really wasn't much going on in this one. :/ Hopefully next week will be a bit more eventful.


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