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(TBH I always forget that the new LL episode comes out on Saturdays and it hits me at such random times and then I'll get all excited and have to watch it immediately lol. I don't know why it's so hard for me to keep track of Saturdays.)

Spoilers under the cut!

I really like how it was Kanan and Dia who had to convince Mari at first to become a school idol, but then it's Mari who ends up trying to keep the group together in these flashbacks. I am coming to love Mari a lot more than her "it's joke" intro made me. (Personally I'm not a huge fan of the "grabbing boobs" gag, which is probably what turned me off Mari so much. It was the same with Nozomi in u's...Nozomi probably would've been my favorite character (or at least second favorite, since I don't think she could beat Nico even without the boobs gag), but I couldn't get past the stupid boob grab stuff. What can I say.)

Yay, the girls are already getting offers to do more shows! I mean, obviously they weren't going to give up after Tokyo (wouldn't be much of a show or a game then, would it), but it's nice to see that it's not just the girls who haven't given up on themselves, but the people who were supporting them in the first place as well.

You know what I want to see (and will hopefully see in this episode if I interpreted the preview correctly)? A flashback sequence of Kanan, Chika, and You being friends as kids. Clearly the three of them (or Kanan and Chika, at the very least) have a history, and I want to know more about it. Really I just want to know anything about Kanan, but you know.

*says I want a flashback with baby Kanan and baby Chika* *five seconds later, flashback of exactly that begins* Wow.

Ahaha, oh my god, Ruby running away, Yoshiko catching her, Hanamura telling her to stop and Yoshiko immediately agreeing...That entire sequence was golden (and good for my HanaYoshi loving heart (is that even the ship name? Probably not, since from what I've seen the fandom as a whole has taken to calling Yoshiko "Yohane" while I am still, obviously, sticking stubbornly to Yoshiko. Whatever.)).

Okay, maybe I missed something earlier, but I had been under the impression that Ruby hadn't even known Dia tried to start a school idol club in her first year? I mean, it did kind of strike me as odd that Dia wouldn't have shared that fact with her idol-loving sister, but...I don't know. And why, if Ruby knew about it, wouldn't she have shared it with the rest of the girls? Either she's still weirdly shy around them despite them being friends now, or she was under the impression that it was a secret. I'm not sure why that strikes me as weird, but it does.

What...How does Kanan not notice a group of six girls following her? And not only that, but Chika standing ten feet away when she starts dancing? Kanan, gurl, get yo eyes checked.

(Speaking of eye problems though, you know what I want? An idol with glasses. And not just Hanayo where she needs glasses but either doesn't wear them/has contacts for 99% of the show. I want a main idol who actually wears glasses. I am kind of surprised there isn't one, since I thought there were a lot of people who found glasses to be really cute, but apparently not cute enough for a school idol to wear them.)

(For the record, I am not someone who finds glasses cute. I am someone who wears glasses and wants to see an idol with them just because, lmao.)

All of Mari's clothes are so pretty. She looks like a literal angel, and I love it. I wish I could pull off casual clothes like that, dang.

Jeez, Kanan was a bit harsh. I know she was hurt by whatever the heck happened in her first year, but that's no reason to be bitchy to Mari. Come on, now.

You nearly jumping off the school balcony made me laugh out loud, oh my god. You is quickly becoming one of my more beloved characters.

Go Chika!! Girl knows what she wants and she is going to go out and grab it. (Sidenote yet again on how happy I am that Chika is not a Honoka clone. I love her so much, and I really...don't love Honoka, so it's nice to be able to root for the main character because I want to see her succeed rather than because I want to see her friends succeed.) Also though, I don't think Mari really thought her plan on getting Kanan to join Aqours through. Making a scene in front of the entire class on Kanan's first day seems more like a way to drive her away than to get her to do what Mari wants...

Finally the long-awaited third year episode is here. Finally the long-awaited explanation as to why Kanan and Dia are so stubborn (and Dia so bitchy) is here. I have waited nine episodes for this, and it better be a good explanation, gosh darn it. I need a dang good reason as to why I had to wait nine episodes for any decent Kanan screentime.


Holy. Cow. Kanan is so stubborn because she wanted to do what she thought was the right thing for Mari this entire time. I already kind of shipped KananMari anyway, but after this show, that might be catapulted to my top Sunshine ship like wow. This is Nice.

Jfc Kanan loves Mari so much. Like, that is pretty much canon. I can't. This is too much for me. *swoons* (Sorry I try not to make these liveblogs about shipping for the most part, but seriously. (Plus I know no one reads these anyway, so too bad I'm going to make it about shipping this time OOPS.))

...Ugh, okay, I'm not into the face slapping. I know that was for drama (and somewhat mirrors when Umi slapped Honoka in u's, though I don't know if that was purposeful or not), but...idk. As someone who has been slapped in the face multiple times by people who supposedly care about me, I'm not too comfortable with it as a trope like this. >.< Hopefully this is the only time it'll happen and I can look past it.

The emotional hug kind of made up for it. (Seriously though, #stoptheslappingtrope2k16. There are other ways to show drama in a show than for two girls who are supposedly best friends to get violent with each other...)

Pfft, I like how getting Dia into Aqours was as easy as Ruby handing her a costume. XD After all that fuss, all she wanted was for Mari and Kanan to give in first, apparently.


Mari even has the prettiest costume in the performance. I have a feeling once the Aqours cards come out on En I'm gonna be scouting for Mari's the most...(for the record, I tend to pick my fave cards based on the color of the outfits more than anything. XD I only realized this when I was going through and making a wishlist of cards and realized that I was picking more Nozomi and Eli than any other (except probably Nico, since even though I'm not a fan of pink, I am a huge fan of Nico) and was doing this mostly because I like the deep purple Nozomi often wears and the deep blue common to Eli. Not sure what that says about me that I pick the cards I like by color rather than by idol...)

(Sidenote (that is only a sidenote because it's also directly relevant to the SIF game): I've found, in a weird way, that I like the Aqours songs more than the u's songs. The weird thing about this though is that usually on the first listen, I do not like Aqours songs (one exception was the event song for the first ChikaRiko event. That thing was the bomb.), but the more I listen to them, the more they grow on me until it's almost impossible to choose a favorite because I love them so much. u's songs, on the other hand, I have definite songs I do not like and definite songs that I do like and then there are some neutral ones that I don't have a strong opinion on.

Also, after seeing the performance in this episode and being able to hear directly what the voices of each of the Aqours members are like, I have to say that I liked...almost everyone? The only voice I wasn't a huge fan of was Ruby's, and I also thought Mari's voice sounded a little weak compared to everyone else's, but this is nice compared to the u's voices. In u's, I really hate Kotori's voice and dislike Nozomi's, Hanayo's, and occasionally Nico's (though Nico is more a dislike by comparison...if she were the only u's member, I would like her voice, but her voice is so much worse than Rin's, Maki's, Honoka's, Umi's, and Eli's that I dislike it by association). So the fact that everyone in Aqours has a voice that I don't hate is a nice change, lol.)

ANYWAY final thoughts: I am so glad that Aqours is finally completely formed, and I am really looking forward to the next episode! I have loved interactions between the Aqours girls so far, so it's going to be interesting to see what the dynamic is like now that all 9 of them are going to be there. (Also please Sunshine make up for the serious lack of 3rd year moments in the earlier episodes by giving them more focus than just this one episode. Please. I hope they don't end up falling to the wayside a la Rin + Kotori in the first series now that their plotline is resolved...)

But yeah, for the first time in several weeks, I am satisfied with the episode. It had nice development, great moments between two of my three ships, and showed what a badass Chika is, which is always cool.

My hope for future episodes: No more slapping, no more Mari grabbing people's boobs (though I don't think she's done that once since her intro episode, so I actually do have high hopes for that. Now that I've said that though...), Ruby opening up a bit more to her friends, MORE PERFORMANCES WITH CUTE OUTFITS, individual character development not shoved to the wayside for the sake of the overall plot, more You in general (she doesn't have many "moments," but the moments she does have are all hilarious. You is a gem, but it feels like the show itself doesn't appreciate her as much as it should).


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