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Spoilers under cut!

Shaun starting off strong calling everyone who has left so far "riff-raff." Nice. I used to like him, but I like him less and less as the season goes on.

I seriously think they rehearsed that part where everyone was asked who the biggest competition was and they all said Shaun. Makes it seem even more likely in the fact that, of course, Shaun was the last person in the line and didn't get asked the same question.

I'm liking the purple tux, Nathan.

This battle concept is interesting. It'll make it difficult for me to make guesses though, lol. I'll make a new guess for each battle rather than picking who's leaving off the bat.

(Ugh my computer just went onto low battery mode. I hope it lasts the rest of this episode, because I don't have anywhere to plug it in here.)

Okay, so I think the four people who will be safe in the first round will be: Shaun, Dan, ...Nathan...(hides face), and David.

(I'm anticipating there not being much commentary on this episode as a whole from me. I have a hard time believing the judges will be tasting after every single round, so I won't have much of a chance to change my guesses. So I just won't. My initial guesses are my final guesses.)

Eric's not doing too well. This might just be the episode where he leaves. :c Great, two depressing episodes right in a row.

After seeing Nathan's fries, i don't think he's going to be safe. I lied. I'm going to change my initial guess to say that Tanorria will be safe instead of Nathan.

Okay, the part they showed where Eric told Nathan not to touch him--I don't have much comment on that other than I really wish they hadn't put it on tv, because the secondhand embarrassment just destroyed me. I feel kind of ill now, so like. Thanks, Masterchef, for caring so much about the drama and making sure all your viewers know just how bullied Nathan is.

No one really knocked this out of the park so far. Until we get to Brandi!! Ah, thank god. The sweetie pie is almost surely moving on. Doesn't fit my prediction, but I'm happy with this.

After judging, the people moving on (my guess): Brandi, Tanorria, Shaun, David. I know I said I wouldn't make a final guess, but the judging was long enough that I felt it was warranted.

First through is Brandi! *fist pumps* David is next. *boos* Shaun, followed by Nathan. HOLY. Okay. Okay. Nice.

So Dan, Tanorria, Eric, and Katie will be competing in the next challenge making mashed potatoes. Initial guess: Tanorria and Katie will be safe.

Eric seems confident. Dan not so much. I'm hoping that Eric's confidence isn't overblown, since it definitely has been in the past. The judges seem to think that Katie is not doing so hot. My guess is probably wrong, but I'll wait to change it until I've seen the judging itself.

Okay, apparently Eric had lumps in his potatoes and that was enough for Ramsey to think they were crappy? He didn't say anything about the flavor though, so? I don't understand why the judges are so hung up on these potatoes being perfectly smooth. Every time I have ever had mashed potatoes, there have been lumps. Even at restaurants.

Okay everyone's potatoes were crappy. I'll just stick with my initial guesses, since everyone sucked. Let's see.

Tanorria goes first, followed by Dan. Dang, he was going to be my guess at first instead of Katie, but I changed it. Oh well, I missed on him.

Katie and Eric are competing in the final. Y'all know who I want to get through, but I'm not going to make an initial guess on this one, since there are only two as it is. I'll wait until the judging.

Katie looks more confident than Eric, but that doesn't mean much. Honestly, I feel like Dan and Tanorria were chosen to be safe over these two just because Katie and Eric are the weakest in the competition right now and the judges wanted one of them gone, so Dan and Tanorria were safe by default. That's just a theory though.

Katie thinks Eric will have an advantage because they're making gnocchi and he's Italian. I never understand this kind of mindset. I mean, I'm Polish and German. Doesn't mean I'm making sausages every other day. -.- I much prefer Eastern and Italian food over Polish/German stuff.

Okay, Katie put raw sage on her plate and is being ripped apart for it. I'll die if she's sent home because of raw sage like dude. Her gnocchi itself looks pretty good though, at least to me. Apparently they taste good as well.

Eric's gnocchi does not look as nice to me. The taste--confusing, apparently.

I can't even guess on this. They're so close. Honestly, I think it should be Eric, since the only reason that Katie would leave would be because of the stupid raw sage, which doesn't seem fair. I mean, it was a gnocchi dish. They should judge more on the gnocchi than by whatever else happened to be on the plate. I mean, if Eric's gnocchi was delicious, then clearly it should be Katie, but his weren't that great.

So my guess is Eric's leaving and Katie is safe.

Oh my god, I HATE THIS SHOW. Ramsey even freaking tricked me with the delivery there. At least I saw it coming. My two faves leaving right in a row, but at least this elimination is fair.

Eric, I will miss you greatly, and seeing the reactions of everyone as you're leaving proves how loved you are. (The only benefit to this is that I can devote my energy to rooting for Brandi.)

Also, omg, Eric picked Brandi as the person he thinks is going to win. That is so personally satisfying. My old fave picking my new fave as the winner. <3 God, I will miss him so much.

God, this montage is going to make me cry. Ericccccc.


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