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So, fair warning. I won't be able to be as in-depth on this liveblog, since I'm watching this episode with my parents and thus won't be able to pause it to write things every few minutes. Since I do want to actually watch the show, I won't be able to comment on everything as a result.

With that out of the way, spoilers under the cut!

I never know who these guest chefs are. XD; I'm such a loser.

I'm really glad this week is a mystery box challenge instead of a team challenge. I am getting kind of tired of the constant team challenges.

Oh man, stuff Terry hasn't dealt with? I didn't think it'd be possible. That guy seems to know how to cook everything perfectly. This will be interesting.

My god, I love Brandi so much. It's been too long since this show last aired to the point that I basically forgot who was even still here, lmao.

Wow, David is down because his last dish sucked. Boohoo dude, get with it. I know I personally am an immature person too, but David is just kind of pathetic. He needs to get his feelings under control.

I'm having a hard time understanding what is so challenging about this mystery box. I mean, I guess there are people who haven't worked with any of these "high end" ingredients before, but I don't know how they're that difficult to work with? Of course I'm saying this as someone who would have no idea what to do with those ingredients without having a recipe in front of me, but that's why these people are on the show and I am not. XD

So let's see. I think they're going to choose to taste Brandi's, Terry's, and David's. This guess is based pretty much entirely on how much these people were talked to during the prep period rather than what their dishes looked like.

First cook chosen is David. His dish does look pretty, I'll give him that. His attitude is everything but. I honestly don't think anything David does from this point on will redeem him in my eyes. Sorry to any David fans, lol. And here he goes, whining about not getting recognition. What a baby.

Okay, second person is Shaun. Missed him, though I should've expected it considering he's a frontrunner. I was typing when his dish was shown, so I can't comment on what it looked like. Predictably the judges have almost nothing but nice things to say.

And the third cook is...Brandi! Two for three on my guesses--Not bad at all. XP Brandi. Oh, Brandi. She is so darn cute. I don't think she's going to win this challenge, but I just love seeing her reactions to the judges.

My guess for the winner is David. I wish I were wrong, but the judges seem to want to get his confidence back up, so like. I can't say if his dish was worth it or not, but that's my guess.

Ahhh, I was wrong! Shaun. Not as good as if Brandi had pulled it out, but at least it wasn't the whiner.

Okay, so Shaun is choosing who is getting the nice fish and who is getting canned tuna. I think he did a pretty good job choosing strategically, but we'll see.

Initial guesses! Bottom three: Nathan, Eric, Katie. Top three: Terry, David (eugughuhguhg), and Dan. I think Nathan's going home this episode.

Nathan praying over his salmon. I know my guess is he's leaving, but I'm not happy about it. Hopefully my guess will change once I've seen how the tasting goes.

Brandi's pronunciation of "salmon" is killing me she is so adorable.

Okay, now Shaun gets to pick someone to be safe. My guess on his pick is Eric. (please be Eric please be Eric please be Eric *crosses fingers*) (Y'all can tell I really like making these guesses lmao) YESSSSSS ERIC IS SAVED. MY LOVE WILL BE AROUND FOR AT LEAST ONE MORE EPISODE I AM SO HAPPY. My finger crossing got me somewhere for once. <3

Oh man, in the quick shot we got of Brandi's fish it looked like it burned. I really hope that's not the case.

And Miss Brandi is first, so I guess I'll find out right away if it's burnt or not. The colors on her plate are gorgeous, though the fish does look burnt. Chef Ramsey hasn't mentioned it though, so maybe it just looks worse than it is. And she's gotten glowing reviews! Go Brandi! I am so glad that the main frontrunners in this competition (i.e. Brandi, Terry, Tanorria) have such good attitudes. The sole exception is Shaun, who seems to be getting full of himself the more challenges he wins.

Terry's up next with something that looks like chicken nuggets to me. Course it's hard to elevate canned salmon, so I'll give him that. Oh god, it's bad. Well, I guess I'm wrong about him being in the top three this week. I will be so upset if he leaves this week over that.

Here comes David. It looks...kind of gross. Tastes good though, apparently. I don't have much more to say on that, since I'm sure everyone knows by now how I feel about David.

Ma boi Nathan. Overcooked his salmon, but I think his plate looks nice. I was clearly wrong on him being the one to leave this week.

Oh dear, Tanorria's dish looks bad and tastes bad. I was really not expecting this.

Shaun's strategy was definitely spot on, I'll say that.

My new guess after the judging: Tanorria's going home, and Terry and Katie are also in the bottom. Ugh, I didn't get a chance to make my guess on the best dishes before it played on tv. >.< Brandi was going to be my guess, but I can't honestly say I would've picked David as the other, so I'll count that as a miss on my part.

And there's only a bottom two today, but it is Tanorria and Terry.

Oh dear god, Terry's leaving. I am so upset. Before this episode started, I actually said to my mom that I thought he was going to win the whole thing. I cursed him. ;n; I am seriously so sad though this is terrible. He was such a nice guy and an amazing cook and goddamn it Shaun, you ruined everything.

Aaaaand there's another episode on tonight, so time to go make up the next liveblog post!


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