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Hi hello guten tag etc etc

My name's Cammie, and I am technologically challenged and thus have no idea how this site works, but I figured posting some sort of intro would be good? Basically I moved my butt on over to dreamwidth because currently, my main fandom haunt is tumblr, yet there have been rumors floating around that tumblr might be going down lmao, so I need to establish myself somewhere else before the Great Reckoning occurs.

I don't have much to say since basically anything and everything important about me is in my bio anyway, so. I just wanted to use this post as a platform to explain the whole "I am here because tumblr is dying" thing.

Honestly I like the format of dreamwidth way more than tumblr already and I have literally been here for only an hour. Only complaint thus far is that it appears actually finding other blogs to follow might be kind of difficult? I'm still not entirely sure how the search engine works and whatnot, but hopefully I'll figure it out eventually.

I anticipate posting a lot more on here than on my tumblr, since I use my tumblr primarily for sharing the works of others than my own personal works and opinions. I have a lot of words stored up, and this journal format seems like it's going to make a monster out of me in terms of just how many of those words I can fit into a single entry.

I am already looking forward to liveblogging stuff. I'm probably going to try my hand at liveblogging later this week, though it probably won't be the "usual" liveblogging, since I almost never watch anything exactly when it airs, lol. But you know. My journal my rules whatever.

K guess that's it? I'll put this as a sticky for awhile in case anyone actually does come read my journal and wants to know what it's about beyond the plethora of useless info on my bio.

uh, hello, how does one dream the width

Date: 2016-07-21 01:47 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ranunculee
I literally just got here and I'm looking for buddies to talk to! I feel like I should be doing this in a forum but I'm having issues actually finding any, so sorry.


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