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Spoilers under the cut!

Ugh, okay, of course this school is on the verge of shutting down too. Of course. I think this show seriously could've been fine with the plot it had (i.e. Chika wanting to be a school idol and collecting friends to be in her club), and I'm just. I don't know. Disappointed, maybe? Disappointed that Sunshine is going the same way as Love Live. It wasn't necessary, and as much as I talked about how I was happy the Aquors girls aren't just caricatures of the u's girls, I was just as happy that the plot was different. It was interesting with u's. I don't care about the stupid school, goddamn. Could they not come up with anything else.

Also I've thought it was dumb that Mari is somehow the school director ever since she was introduced. In what universe would a school allow one of their own current students to run the school? This one, apparently. It's just dumb. I've only watched a minute so far of this episode, and already I've been let down immensely. They better have a song somewhere in this episode to make up for my disappointment.

The one good thing about this is that it seems like the much-awaited Third Years Episode. I'm especially interested to learn more about Kanan, and I'm hoping this will make me like Mari a bit more. Though honestly, it's really only Kanan I care about at this point. I've disliked Dia from the beginning and Mari's personality gets on my nerves. (Wow, I am clearly in a Mood as I write this, lol. Maybe I should've waited until I was happier so I wouldn't be so negative, but I don't want to wait any longer to watch the episode.)

Leave it to Chika to cheer me up. She's hilarious, being happy that her school is being shut down so that Aquors can truly be like u's. Love, this didn't have to happen for that to be a reality, but I'm glad you're excited about it at least.

(Sidenote: What is it with schools in Japan shutting down? You never hear about that happening in America. But then, I guess where you go to school in America is based almost entirely on where you life, while from what I've gleaned from watching anime, it seems like some people pick where they lived based on what school they want to go to in Japan. So maybe enrollment numbers are more important since they mean something beyond what the population of the town is? I don't know.)

It's kind of weird that the girls have to split in two groups to eat at the cafe. I mean, I know it looks like a small restaurant, but would it have been impossible to push some tables together? Now they're going to be yelling to each other across the aisle.

What the frick kind of dog is that? Looks more like a cat than a dog, honestly. I'm not sure why Riko is so afraid of it unless she's afraid of all animals. Also why is there a dog in a restaurant at all? It seems to live there, considering no one gets mad at Chika when she picks it up, but why. Seems a bit unsanitary. I know there are cat cafes and whatever, but clearly this dog was not advertised as part of the restaurant since Riko didn't know he'd be there.

I love how everyone else conveniently leaves so that Chika and Riko can have a heart to heart. Also, Riko's face when she's looking at Chika...True love.

Ahhh, it's Kanan! And...Mari...Okay. Mari really seems to have a thing for Kanan. Apparently she is the resident lesbian of Aquors.

I know it's for comedic effect, but it really bothers me that instead of respecting Riko's fear of Shiitake, they just hide him. How hard would it be to just put him in another room? Course I'm being a total hypocrite saying that, because I know someone who's afraid of dogs and I find her to be pretty ridiculous, lol.

Ah, okay, we finally get Dia's (and Mari's and Kanan's) backstory, and it was exactly what I expected. What I don't understand is why Mari can't just join Aquors on her own. Kanan would probably take more urging, but I feel like Dia, once she saw that Mari can get over the disappointment of her own club failing, she'd be able to work through it too and get involved in Aquors.

YES there is finally a performance in this episode. I have waited SO LONG.

And...That's the end. I really didn't have much to say on this episode, and I'm disappointed since I thought this was going to be the Third Years Episode and then it was not. And Kanan only showed up for like 2 minutes, which was also a disappointment. I began this episode disappointed and I ended it disappointed. Unfortunate.

There was nothing inherently wrong with the episode (other than my issues with there being another "save the school" plot), but it was lackluster, especially compared to last week. I also think the show is starting to drag because somehow, it's already episode 6 and Aquors isn't even fully formed.

Hopefully next week will be better.


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