Jul. 27th, 2016

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FIRST a preface. In case you're worried this post is going to be me complaining about how Everything Sucks and I Hate Everything. I mean, let's be real, this post will be me complaining, but it won't be about that. More, I want to complain about those people out there who just never seem to be happy regardless of what happens.

This is something that always kind of bothered me, but in the past two days, I have seen several instances of it, and I am just tired. I'm tired of nothing ever being good enough for these people and there always being something wrong. And when I say "these people," I mean the people on tumblr. I'm talking about tumblr.

Am I a hypocrite? Short answer, yes. I also complain about things often. The difference here (and it is a subjective difference. I realize that I am not in the heads of these people, so I could be interpreting this entirely incorrectly) is that I don't go looking for things to complain about. I always give something the benefit of the doubt before disliking it, and I'm critical of my own dislike on top of that.

Now, for what I've been seeing on tumblr lately that has gotten me into this tizzy.

Apparently there are two new Disney movies coming out soon, both with female protags who are not white. Moana is one I'm somewhat familiar with and am actually excited to see. I don't actually know what the other one is called or even if it's a movie (it might just be a show, idk. The first I heard of it was in the post I'm about to address) but it has a Latina princess. Neither princess is going to have a love interest in their respective films.

People have been complaining about every female protag having a love interest for ages. Let me throw in here that I am neutral on it. I like romance when it doesn't seem forced for the sake of romance. If it makes sense, I'm all for it. If it's thrown in just because...not so much.

ANYWAY. I see a few posts about this praising the fact that Disney is finally moving away from the "every princess needs to find her prince" outlook, but then we get into the bowels of tumblr. Then it starts coming out that it feels wrong that both of these girls are "woc" who are "not finding love." (Ignoring, by the way, the fact that the first Disney princess who didn't find love was Elsa. Not 100%, but you know, I think Elsa might've been, I don't know, white?? I think I remember about 99% of the blogs I followed whining about that?? /sarcasm)

You know what? There is no way for Disney to win here. If they were just to make these movies and give the girls a love interest, maybe y'all would've been happy. But I'm willing to bet there'd be a subgroup complaining that the romance is heterosexual (I'm not even going to delve into "if it wasn't het" because I know Disney is not yet to that point in their liberalism. Which is unfortunate and sad, but I'm being realistic here.) or even that it's included at all, because "why does every princess need a prince??"

If the girls still didn't find love but they were white (or if they did find love and were white), everyone would be talking about how Disney sucks because they only have white princesses.

Also news flash. Tiana got her prince, but y'all don't like that movie either, because "she was a frog for 95% of it." MAYBE BECAUSE IT WAS "THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG" JESUS CHRIST. (And for the record, that was a damn good movie. I've only seen it once, but it's up there with "Tangled" as one of my favorites.)

I am digressing so much right now, but in conclusion: Disney can do nothing right.

Second example is less rage-inducing, but still confuses me to no end. I guess there's a new Professor Layton game coming out and the protagonist is Layton's daughter. First I saw tumblr flipping out because "omg GIRL PROTAG" but then the Whiners slowly made themselves known.

They're mad that Layton got married and had a child so soon after the Clara Heartbreak (is her name even Clara I honestly can't remember for sure and don't want to look it up. But if you know Layton, you know who I mean). They're mad that the protag is an entirely new character rather than Flora.

To be completely honest, I kind of agree. I don't agree with the characterization of Layton that he "immediately went off, got married, and had a child." But I also haven't looked into this far enough to know the timeline. I mean, it could be decades after the original games. I don't know, and I'm admitting that, so if anyone actually reads this and realizes I have incorrect info, tell me (politely).

I also think it would've been more interesting for Flora to have a bigger role in the series as a whole rather than "random kid Layton adopted and then forgets about whenever he travels other than the one time she stowed away on his train and inserted herself into the investigation because she was that fed up with being left behind." Plus, if that were the case, the other beloved characters could have bigger roles in the game, yet still be pushed to the sideline in favor of giving Flora her time in the spotlight.

Honestly though, what is with the new obsession of game companies to insert entirely new protagonists into beloved game series? (But this complaint of mine is definitely for another time, because I could take up an entire post with my whining on that.)

Ah, wow, I'm not even trying to write with my usual style anymore, because this entire post just devolved into a rant. But it took me too much time and energy to write this up and not post it, so here y'all go.

In conclusion: I hate tumblr and am only still on that godforsaken site because of fanart and finding shit to whine about.


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