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It took ALL DAY for me to find this episode of Sunshine posted online, and let me tell you, it was frustrating as heck. Normally it's always posted in the morning, but apparently, people were not on top of things this particular Saturday.

Anyway, it's posted now, so now I shall watch it! Spoilers under the cut!

You's "it's about time for you to go" to Riko. I've been seeing a lot of fanart lately implying that You is in love with Chika and is jealous of Riko and wow, apparently that line was just for those fanartists. XD (I personally don't see You and Chika's relationship that way, but it was still funny. XD Everyone else happily seeing Riko off and You just "you better go." At least she had a smile.)

So I'm assuming that even though Riko won't be taking part in the Love Live qualifier round, if Aqours makes it through she'll be able to join them in the next section? I mean, I doubt they'd make it impossible for her to join them later, but I know there are a lot of competitions where only the people who make it through round 1 can continue and they can't add any people. Just a thought. I'm positive they wouldn't take this show in that direction, because it'd kind of defeat the purpose of Riko existing at all.

Pfft, everyone seems so excited about how well Saint Snow did. They were such jerks when Aqours met them why are they happy about this? I know if I were one of the Aqours members I'd be a salty mess. But then, I'm just a salty person in general, so it's probably not the best example.

Jfc, that entire exchange between Kanan and Mari came off as so flirtatious. I love them. XP

Yes, let's hold dance practice in an empty pool. With puddles of water on the bottom. Genius. (At least Dia tries to stop this, but even she didn't put up much of a fight. Y'all aren't getting nowhere in those qualifiers if someone gets injured. Honestly, is that what this is leading up to? Someone else is going to get hurt like Mari was in her first year? I hope not, but come on now. they're asking for trouble here.)

I thought You was supposed to be really talented at dancing. How is she screwing up every time? Plus it's the timing she's messing up rather than a particular step which in my mind (as both a former dancer and a former member of marching band, which is more similar to dancing than you might think) doesn't make much sense. I mean, she already had steps to this particular song. She's just having to adjust them to be in Riko's place rather than the parts she learned, but the steps can't be that different, or Riko and Chika's part wouldn't be cohesive with the rest of the group. Plus, the tempo and feeling should still be exactly the same. I almost feel like You might be doing this on purpose because she doesn't want to fill in for Riko.

(Also I guess I was wrong about the pool-related injury. though if Chika hadn't chosen that very moment to emo, it could've been terrible.)

Riko freaking calls Chika to let her know she made it to the studio safely. You know, I usually just text people in situations like that (and usually just my family, not my friends. The only exception has been when I've had a significant other (*coughcough*)), but I guess Riko can't go too long without hearing the sound of Chika's voice.

"She sounded happy. That's good," says Chika as she hugs her cell phone oh my god.

Also, poor You feeling like she's been replaced by Riko. :( As someone who suffers from terrible jealousy 90% of my life, I definitely understand what You's going through and respect her for handling it with such grace. (Also hell yes for finally getting a You-centric episode?? *inserts the Akihiko "I've been waiting for this" meme* (I'd actually find the pic but I am waaaaaaay too lazy to do that for something that no one reads anyway okok))

Hooray for random, unneeded exposition from the third years. I guess the writers needed to fill up another minute in this episode?

Oh jesus, no. *sighs heavily* I can't remember if I've ever complained about this before but I hate hate HATE the boob grab jokes in this series. Despise them. It's half the reason I disliked Mari so much at first, but considering she hasn't done it again since her introduction, I had hoped they'd dropped it. Now here she comes groping You. Goddammit. Borderline sexual assault is NOT A FUNNY JOKE.

...But You just proved she is the alpha in this group yet again but literally flipping Mari onto the ground hell yeah! You go, You! (And yet again I am reminded of how annoying the spelling of You's name is for an English speaker...) Mari surely won't be trying that again! At least not on You anyway.

Why does Mari's personality change so much? I know she's trying to help You with her jealousy, but does she have to come off as lacking seriousness? I'm not sure exactly why she does that. It kind of made sense during her introduction to lack seriousness because she might've been trying to make it less obvious how much she wanted Chika to succeed in making the school idol club, but I can't come up with a reason why she wouldn't be serious with You in this moment? Mari, come on. This attitude is why I disliked you at first and here you go bringing it back. >.<

Okay, I know I said earlier in this post that I didn't really support the "You is in unrequited love with Chika" theory, but I'm going to have to revise that statement...This whole talk with Mari and just her reactions to things in general is starting to come off as unrequited love now. (What makes this even sadder is that I don't actively ship You with anyone. So now this show is always going to have that undertone of sadness, since You will be off there on her own, in love with Chika who is unquestionably taken by Riko. Depressing. ;n; )

Also I revoke what I said about Mari two paragraphs ago. Pretty much immediately after I wrote it out, she got more serious and gave genuinely good advice to You. Mari's a good upperclassmen, and I am happy.

Are the Aqours girls on summer vacation right now, because I thought they were. But if that's true then why do they still meet up at the school every day? Is there literally nowhere else in town they could go instead? I feel like usually high schoolers would do anything they could to stay out of the school during breaks, but these girls go out of their way to get in.

And now all of You's imagined "talking to Chika" scenarios have blatantly romantic undertones...Poor You...This is so sad. ;n;

And then Riko and You's phone call? My god, this is supposed to be an anime about cute idols, not this unrequited love stuff ahhhhhhhh.

Alright, there was nothing else really for me to say for the rest of the episode. I'm excited they showed the performance, and the song was great, as usual. XP
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