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Well guess what I did end up wanting to watch this episode today, so yet again, two liveblogs in a row hella.

Spoilers under the cut.

The commercial that played before the show was for Frontline Gold and from the way they described the product it seems like the only difference between Gold and Normal is the new applicator tube. I wonder if they charge more.

Let me just say right now that I'd bet anything thing "bombshell that changes the entire competition" will be a tie between the red and blue team. Anyway.

Okay, I know from the preview that the teams are going to be Brandi+Shaun and David+Tanorria but like. If I were Brandi, I would've chosen Tanorria or David. Obviously Brandi herself is going to be trying her darnedest to win, and she's hella talented. Putting Shaun on the opposite team means that he'd have to go to the pressure test. Having Shaun on her own team means that if by some crazy coincidence they lose, then Brandi is up against Shaun. Really, the best strategy here would be to pick the weakest player. I'm not saying Tanorria's the weakest, but certainly the weakest is not Shaun, so. Brandi does not seem to be the best at strategy, lol.

Pfft, if I had watched a nanosecond further before making that comment I would've gotten to see Brandi come to that exact same conclusion. I guess she figured the benefit of having Shaun as a teammate outweighed the con of competing against him if they lost.

Props to Tanorria for handling David like a pro, wow.

Also props to Brandi for not dumping all the fish onto the floor. XD

Alright, so there clearly wasn't a tie since the surprise is that the finale will have 3 cooks instead of 2. (Also does anyone else think that they're really speeding this show along? What is happening.)

Anyway, knowing that now, I am going to guess that Shaun and Brandi won the challenge. Sure, their plate was a little more childish, but some of those duck plates looked downright raw. (really I am just hoping to god that they won, because no matter how great Brandi is, I'm not sure she could beat Shaun on this challenge with how much of a favorite he is. It hurts to admit that, but there it is.)

Oh thank god, I was right. Brandi is catapulted into the finale! I'm so excited!

What a surprise, David has his pissy face on. Take him down, Tanorria. I believe in you.

I swear they already had a pork challenge this season what the hell is this. The judges/producers/directors/whoever are running out of ideas. Cheap.

Man I want that zucchini. I'm not a huge vegetable fan, but that looked good. XD

At least David admits that it's his fault that he and Tanorria are battling. I can respect that.

"Whiny baby David's back." For once Shaun says exactly what everyone is thinking. Well, I take that back. Shaun is usually spot-on when it comes to his comments about David.

Tanorria is so funny. I swear, I feel like they were holding back on her personality until these past few episodes, because while she was likable, she definitely didn't seem so bright and hilarious before? She's a gem.

Why can't Shaun and Brandi yell down to remind Tanorria about her tenderloin? Is that against the rules now or something? Balcony people have helped the chefs cooking before... Maybe it's just a rule that comes into play after a certain number of people have been eliminated? It'd suck so much if Tanorria went home because she forgot her tenderloin. D:

Okay, I'm going to make my guess before they even judge. I seriously think David's going to win this one, and I'm disappointed for more reasons than just my dislike of David. I sincerely like Tanorria, and it would've been nice to have two people in the finale I like (i.e. Brandi and Tanorria) rather than two people I actively dislike. But she screwed up the cook on her tenderloin and David's pork chop looks a lot nicer than hers as well. *sigh*

As expected, Tanorria's tenderloin is not cooked completely. She did get every other aspect of the dish plated though, unlike David, but David's tenderloin itself is unquestionably cooked better. In a pork challenge, that will likely be more important overall.

David also missed a few aspects to the pork belly dish. (Man, Tanorria and David are at each other's throats. The sassiness was cute at first (from Tanorria, anyway. I loved that she was holding her own against the Resident Asshole), but I think it was a little uncalled for for her to offer her opinion when it wasn't asked of her. It's one thing to answer the judge when asked a question, another to make rude comments under her breath while David is being judged. Too far, Tanorria.) It seems like neither of them nailed the pork belly, but Tanorria's was just slightly better than David's.

Yet again, David has missed a garnish. Every single one of his plates was incomplete, and that might spell disaster. Sure, his tenderloin was better, but Tanorria's wasn't so raw that it was inedible, and she managed to pull through with the pork belly and did a terrific job with the pork chop. I. Can't tell if David's was cooked. I don't really like pork, so I don't know what it's supposed to look like, but to me, it looked more raw than Tanorria's? Darn you, Ramsey, for not verbally clarifying! Now I have no way to judge. >.<

Okay, after the judging, I'm going to change my mind and say Tanorria's going through. Sure, David did a great job on the pork, but he sacrificed other aspects of the plates in order to do so. Yes, it was a pork challenge, but if you're making pork in a restaurant, you can't just serve pork? (Plus David's attitude sucks, so I'd have to hope that gives at least a slight edge to Tanorria on sheer principle.)

Christina preferred David's tenderloin, Guest Judge preferred Tanorria's pork belly. So it's all up to Ramsey and the pork chops...

holy SHIT okay David is going to the finale I'm done. I'm not even going to comment I am so mad. See ya next week.

(...I know, I'm being a whiny baby just like David, but you know what, I'm not doing it on national television so it's ok.)
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