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I'm going to preface this with a disclaimer that I'm 99% sure Fox fucked up and posted this episode a week before they were supposed to, because even on the website itself it says the network air date for this is Sept 7. It is currently Sept 3. So if that is indeed true, I'd recommend not reading this, because the spoilers will be even more major than usual.

Okay, both Tanorria and Brandi have such cute dresses. I love it. XD

Alright so last episode Brandi mentioned she thought David wasn't a good leader and David got pissed. I'm really glad to see he's gotten over that and chose Brandi first for his team this episode, and was very complimentary toward her in both her cooking skills and her skills as a member of a team. Plus one point for David! For those of you keeping track, that puts David at -48 points. Yes, that is a negative sign. Carry on.

Also I think David had the right idea, and Katie is yet again showing me why I shouldn't be rooting for her. Everyone's all for Shaun, but Shaun has proven time and time again that he doesn't function well in a team setting. The only time he did do well, that I can remember, was in the very first team challenge when he helped Team Captain Nathan pull himself together and not completely fail. Since then, he has become more and more egotistical, and it shows in how he works with the others. Brandi (and Tanorria, in my opinion), was a much better choice.

Man, David's being nice today. Maybe his little freakout last episode actually helped him turn a corner. Anyway, he picked Tanorria, which probably would've been my pick if I'd been him. I mean, I love Dan, but Tanorria has only once (in my memory) had a bad dish. Although now that I think about it, Dan may not have had any bad dishes? (I'm not counting their shared dish in the last team challenge, because it'd cancel itself out for both of them anyway since they both made it.

ANYWAY the final teams are: David, Tanorria, Brandi and Katie, Shaun, Dan.

This initial guess is actually difficult to make. I do completely agree with David that his team will likely function better together, but that often is the killer for team challenges for some reason: The better they work together, the worse the dish turns out to be. However, the judges are making the final call on the winner today rather than the diners, which takes the teamwork more into account.

So, I'm going to go with my gut and say that David's team is going to win this one. I know that Katie has supposed frontrunner Shaun (and Dan, who is very talented in his own right), but her lack of leadership skills plus Shaun's lack of follower skills are not the right combo for this challenge. And of course, there's poor Dan just along for the ride.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway), Dan and Tanorria are the ones struggling the most on their respective teams. Dan seems really overwhelmed by working in such a fancy kitchen while Tanorria is just mad about David not communicating with her. Both are valid, but both of them need to just get over it and work with their teams.

I feel like Katie isn't doing as well as she should be because she feels overconfident. She was so excited to get Shaun on her team and just immediately thought it'd be a guaranteed win. From what I can tell, she's doing virtually nothing. Poor Dan is still so nervous that he's not performing at his best, and then Shaun's freaking out because his team is falling apart.

On the other hand, David is really pulling through after he had that little talk first with Ramsey and then Tanorria. I never thought I'd say this, but I am actually rooting for David. He's settled down after his freakout last episode, and I commend him for that. It's hard to handle a temper problem, but he woke up and realized he wasn't being his best self, and that's something that should be respected.

And David's team wins! That means Brandi is through, along with David and Tanorria. Katie, Shaun, and Dan will be competing in the pressure test for spots in the top 5.

Initial guess: Katie's going. She is unquestionably the weakest cook in the competition right now. My only worry is that Dan had a meltdown in the team challenge, and I'm afraid that meltdown is going to affect his performance today as well. I really hope not, but it's always a possibility. I'm still going to stick with the guess that Katie's going though.

Oh god though, Dan looks like he's about to cry. Clearly he has not gotten his confidence back, and if I'm remembering correctly, he's not strong in desserts either. And now they're asking him to make three difficult dessert dishes at once. I will be so upset if he leaves. He's the only one of these three that I really like. :/

Okay, they haven't judged yet (or even finished cooking), but the fact that they're showing Dan so much and even going so far as showing the guys on the balcony cheering him on makes me really worried for him. I'm going to wait until the judges taste all the food before I full out change my guess though.

Katie's cheesecake is flat. Shaun's is undercooked. Dan's is overcooked on the outside and undercooked inside. It sounds like of the three, Dan's was worst.

Katie didn't get the glaze onto her eclair. Shaun put the eclair filling in while the eclair was too hot so there isn't really any filling. Dan's doesn't seem to have any issues visually. Katie's was likely the worst of the eclairs.

Katie's lava cake is undercooked. Shaun's lava cake looks perfect (his saving grace, I'm sure). And oh noooo, Dan's is completely raw. Dan's is clearly the worst here.

And after judgment, I'm changing my guess. Dan will be going. I'm going to cry. :( Although Dan's eclair might save him, since Katie messed up everything and Dan at least had that one good dessert... jfkdohfoiehiq I'm dying from the suspense.

HOLY CRAP. Ramsey did the trickster thing again, but Dan is through, Katie is gone. That was so unfair. I'm sick of the drama. Just be honest and be clear and don't give someone that sliver of hope if they're just going to be thrown down a second later. kfdhfoie god.

But at least Dan is here for another week. He had a bad two challenges today. I don't know what happened to his confidence, but I hope his getting saved here helps him gain it back.

Oh man, from the preview for next week's episode, it looks like it's going to be a good one. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to wait two weeks, since I seriously think this episode was accidentally posted early. *sigh* Oh well. Not much I can do about it, but you can bet I'm not going to be late on commentating that one.
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