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Live from my brand new apartment, here's the Masterchef Liveblog that No One Cares About! Spoilers under the cut. (Also sorry that I'm writing this so late, on the very slim chance someone is reading this. I know the new episode came out four days ago, but I haven't had internet access since last Tuesday, so I had no means of watching it nor actually writing up the liveblog post. Oops.)

(Also apologies, as this entry likely won't be as detailed as the usual because I am extremely tired. I'm probably going to only put a few little comments interspersing my guesses as to the winners/losers. Also I didn't watch the preview to this episode, so I won't be basing any of my guesses on that so sorry if I make a stupid error that I could've avoided had I watched the preview.)

First of all, gosh darn it, I forgot that Eric left last week. Now I'm sad. Brandi's still here though, so I still have a favorite to root for.

Nathan dude, you know I love you, but you really need a better hairstyle. And that is coming from me, the queen of stupid hairstyles. Come on, man.

The first challenge is interesting: Their equipment is limited rather than their ingredients. It's a nice change, but all the contestants aren't overly happy about it, lmao. Let's see how this goes. I'll make my guess after I've watched them cook for a little while rather than right away.

I like how everyone was looking around for the guest chef. I knew it was Ramsey after the description. XD I feel like that might've been editing that made it look like everyone was confused, but still.

Alright, well, Christina just gave away basically who they're going to pick to taste, but I'll write down my guesses anyway. Tanorria, David, and Shaun with Shaun winning. (I actually don't know if they still only pick three when there are so few of them left in the competition, but either way, my guess that Shaun wins still stands.)

Tanorria is chosen first. Tanorria's dish looks great, and Christina says it tastes good, but Tanorria herself seems really sad today? Like, usually she's so cheerful and bubbly, but she just seems...down. I hope she can win so maybe she can cheer up a bit.

Oh my goodness, Brandi was chosen second! Nice. That means one of the boys were not chosen, which is always a bonus on top of, you know, Brandi being chosen. And as expected, Brandi did an amazing job as well.

And apparently the last dish was a close call between Shaun and David, but David ended up pulling ahead on this one. It's starting to be difficult for me to decide which of these two I like least, so I don't even know if I'm happy he beat out Shaun or mad that he got in the top three at all. Meh.

Since Shaun wasn't chosen at all, I'm going to pick a new winner. I will go with Brandi.

AND YES, I WAS CORRECT! BRANDI PULLS THROUGH. I'm so excited, especially since this likely means she will be safe until next episode, since I know the pressure test is a tag team challenge from what I heard of the preview. Ahhh, I am so happy!! Unfortunately I didn't get to see the reactions of Tanorria and David since my stupid video screwed up and started playing while an unclosable ad was covering it, and I don't want to go back and rewatch that portion, so that's why I'm not commenting if one (or both) of them had a really unsavory reaction to losing that challenge.

"When I have a picnic, it involves booze...maybe...some cheese." Oh my god, I have never laughed so hard at a Masterchef episode. Dan is a character.

So, predictably, Brandi is choosing the teams for the tag team battle. She puts Nathan with Shaun because she thinks Nathan won't listen to him well. Brandi. What? That is. Okay, apparently everyone has forgotten how Shaun literally pulled that kid out of the dust when he was a team captain in, like, episode 2 or something. Nathan is probably the absolute best person she could've put with Shaun, and honestly, if their team does do the worst, all it's going to accomplish is sending Nathan home. Personally, I would've put stubborn-as-all-hell David with Shaun, because they seem to genuinely dislike each other and both have very strong personalities and leadership skills. But no, instead she puts the pushover sweetheart. *sigh* I love Brandi, but that was just dumb.

David is, of course, offended by Brandi's comments on how he's not a good leader. Whatever. The other two teams end up as David with Katie and Tanorria with Dan.

My guess: Tanorria and Dan are definitely safe (best dish, if a "best" is awarded at all) while David and Katie will have the worst. Katie will be going home.

And now for a commentary drought while I just, you know, watch the show until (probably) the judging, because I am so tired and episode 15 is already posted on this website too, so I'm going to commentate on that once I finish this one. I need to save my energy and my typing fingers.

Okay, I can admit when I'm wrong: The Nathan-Shaun team is actually doing terribly. They're falling apart in the exact way Brandi expected, so apparently I am the one who needs to get a better feel for Nathan's true personality.

As expected though, Tanorria and Dan are working together wonderfully. The only unfortunate thing about this is that it seems to be a common theme in partner battles that the ones who work well together usually have the worst dish. I don't know why, but I swear it happens every time. I hope that's not the case this time, since those two are my favorite currently competing, so it'd be nice to know for sure that both of them are safe.

Dan and Tanorria are seriously the dream team though. I mean, I predicted it, but usually my predictions aren't that on par with what actually happens, lol. I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying this.

Alright, watching this episode, it seems like Nathan might have, like, a panic/anxiety disorder or something he is freaking the hell out. It would explain a lot, but now I just feel even worse for him. He has to deal with that along with the bullying of all the other contestants? Jesus. (and I'm not trying to diagnose him, I'm just saying. He's acting how I do when I have a panic attack, so by comparison...He could just be dramatic, but I don't know why an adult would be so dramatic on television, like, he has to know how bad this looks to basically everyone who doesn't have a similar panic/anxiety disorder or is close to someone who does.)

Aaaaaand Nathan fainted. I should've really seen that coming with the way he looked, but to be completely honest, that was a surprise. That poor kid. I think I'm going to have to change my guesses right now, because there's absolutely no way he's going to be staying in the competition after this, which is so unfortunate. It's not his fault he passed out, but I guess it's fair. I mean, if he can't handle the pressure in this situation, there's no way he'd be able to handle the pressure in the kitchen of an actual restaurant. I still just feel so badly for him. :(

The way Gordon Ramsey handles Nathan though is so impressive to me. He can be harsh, but there have been so many moments in this season where he's pulled Nathan through something that the other contestants ridiculed him for and just kept him going and I hope Nathan sincerely appreciates that. (Especially since he got up awfully fast from that collapsing thing. I've never fainted myself, but I didn't think it was a "fall down then get up 2 seconds later" type deal. Course that could also have been editing. It's impossible to tell.)

Holy. Shit. David. Okay, all the problems are coming out this episode. Though I could already tell you David had serious anger issues, jfc, dude. He needs help. The drama is unreal in this episode, and I almost wish Brandi were down cooking just because I want a little bit of her cheery shine after all this drama. >.< At least Dan and Tanorria stuck it out and still love each other...I think?

Christina: "David. Your temper came out like I've never seen it." HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN IT? HE FLIPS HIS LID EVERY EPISODE, WOMAN, WHAT.

...He's very passionate about competing. I'm glad Christina is berating him for that. What would've happened if he'd broken that bottle or hit someone with it? Jeez.

Overall, Katie's and David's food tastes very good. I guess they're going to be safe, although Katie thinks that David's tantrum might put them in the bottom regardless of the taste. I kind of hope she's right.

Dan and Tanorria are next. What do you know, despite their excellent teamwork, they messed up basically everything. Predictable but very unfortunate.

Last comes Shaun and Nathan. They plated raw lobsters? Oh, thank god, that plus the missing scotch eggs plus the raw sliders means my darlings are almost surely safe. (Why did Ramsey just eat a raw burger? What was he expecting from that choice.)

(Sidenote: Wow, I like how the one time I say I probably won't be writing much commentary, I write more commentary than usual. I am a mess.)

Anyway. After seeing the judging, I think David and Katie had the best plate, Shaun and Nathan are going to be in the bottom and Nathan's leaving.

David and Katie's plate was noted as the best, and they're both going to be team captains next episode. That is going to be interesting, to say the least.

My darlings Dan and Tanorria are also safe, though I feel like they should attribute that more to Shaun and Nathan's terrible job than to their own work. I'm sure they know that, though.

Oh, now that Nathan's officially leaving everyone decides to be his friend? I see you, two-facers. I liked his little speech, though. And I don't care what people say: I know Nathan very clearly was not the best cook, and he probably should've have stayed longer than some of the others who have already left (*cough*Terry*cough*), but he was really strong and brave and held his own, and I admire him so much for that.

It's unfortunate that the tag team challenge was just a bit much for him, but I still think everything he has accomplished to this point was impressive and he should be proud of himself.
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