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Spoilers under the cut!

Dude I forgot that this episode was a direct continuation of episode 7. Was kind of confused when it started with a shot of the girls already in costume.

Also, let's take bets on whether Kanan will show up in this episode. I'm betting no.

Why is Saint Snow a rock group. I mean they're the antagonists in the first place, but I genuinely don't like their song. Which I'm assuming isn't the point. I guess I just don't like this type of music. I'm also pretty sure that there are more voices than just the two of them in this particular song (i.e. someone harmonizing). Cheap.

Oh my god oh my GOD I just want to watch the performance but I was TRICKED. Love Live, you're killing me. Ugh, and it seems like we won't be able to watch the performance. They better make this up to me by having a song later in the episode, I swear.

So...I thought this was just, like, a performance rather than a competition? But Chika is talking about how they didn't win? I'm confused.

Sidenote, but I really like that You wears hates all the time. It's an strangely interesting aspect to her character. I'm not sure why I'm so intrigued by it, but the hats are great.

Also I thought that literally 100 school idol groups were competing in this thing. Did the Aqours girls honestly think they were going to win?

Okay, never mind, it was revealed that only 30 groups participated. How then were Aqours chosen when they were 99th in popularity? I almost feel like I need to rewatch the previous episode because I swear it was the top 100 groups that got invited to Tokyo.

Also did Aqours honestly do so badly to get last place. Like. Come on. (Looks like this is another day of cynicism.)

Jeez, apparently the members of Saint Snow never learned that if they have nothing nice to say, they shouldn't say anything at all. Sure, Bitch #1 began with a compliment, but it was unnecessary kicking Aqours when they were already down.

Ahhh, sweet Chika trying to cheer everyone up. I really love Chika.

ufdkahoia Rubyyyyyyy hold it together, girl. At least wait to burst into tears until you aren't in front of a bunch of people from school. (Also, I feel like Dia was pulling an Eli and showing up just to see Aqours fail. I mean, I know she cares a lot for Ruby, but still. (Maybe I'm just looking for excuses to dislike Dia.))


...Okay, Dia talking to Aqours is making me like her. I am so fickle. (Also, I think I'm really starting to hardcore ship Yoshiko and Hanamura, which is interesting since from what I've seen of the fandom, RubyxHanamura and YoshikoxYou seem a lot more popular. Am I going for the rare pair? I hope not.)

Oh man, poor Mari. Apparently this is the episode that makes me like everyone that I claimed to dislike in my last liveblog. XD I now officially feel for Dia and genuinely like Mari. Still iffy on Ruby, and i'm not sure that's going to change since I don't think there's really any sort of redemption she needs to go through to advance the show. She's already in Aqours and friends with everyone else, gets along fine with Dia, etc etc. It's just a personal thing, why I don't like her.

DON'T GIVE UP, CHIKA!! (I know you won't.)

Another sidenote: I want all of Yoshiko's outfits even though I know I'd never be able to pull them off.

I was just beginning to think the ChikaRiko in this episode was lacking. Glad that was fixed by Riko first staring sadly into Chika's bedroom and then Riko chasing her to the beach and tearfully screaming her name after thinking she, what, was trying to drown herself? Riko wtf. (Also Chika wtf who just walks into the freaking ocean?)

Oh my god, and that hug?? I can't even properly liveblog this. It's too amazing.

(Also I have noticed in the past that Riko seems to be blushing literally every time she talks to Chika, but I'm wondering if she is just always blushing. I feel like that'd be more likely, so I need to do a better job watching her when she's not interacting with Chika.)

Oh man, that seemed like it could've been a confession, but then everyone else just HAD to show up. XD One day...

And yet again, no performance. I am unspeakably disappointed.

K, as usual, my main ending points are that I want more performances and I want more third years (mostly Kanan, but I could do with more Mari now that I'm a bit more fond of her.). Step it up, Sunshine. For a strong start, this show is going downhill, in my opinion. It's just too slow.
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