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Apologies for the boring title, but this is going to be just a quick entry anyway.

As I'm sure you could've guessed, I have a question. Why is it that it's fairly common for people to get personally offended when others don't know about/like a particular genre of music? Or even just a specific band/artist?

Why is it that people are so uppity about, of all things, their music choices?

There are so many more important, relevant things to judge others for, or to be irritated about. I'm not going to get irritated if someone doesn't like the artists I like. Sure, I'd get mad if they were outright bashing them, but if they just weren't a fan of the music or if they had never heard any of the artist's songs before, who are they hurting?

This comes about from a multitude of experiences, but most recently, a friend of mine being mad at one of those "reaction" youtube videos of a bunch of kids watching a Metallica video. I only watched a little bit of it, and from the small amount I saw, it simply looked like the kids weren't fans of the type of music. Many of them didn't know who the band was.

Anyway, this friend of mine made an annoyed comment on how she couldn't believe how disrespectful the kids were being to the music and that she'd never raise her own kids to be like that.

Um. Okay? So apparently these kids are all little brats because they've never...heard Metallica?

Where the hell is this logic coming from, and why do so many people in the world subscribe to it?


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