Aug. 2nd, 2016


Aug. 2nd, 2016 09:10 pm
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There's this person I really don't like. I'm not going to give anymore specific info on him other than that he is a man and I don't like him. He also doesn't like me, but for certain reasons we are forced to interact and cooperate with each other on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we are both very immature, so it doesn't end well a lot of the time.

Today I was nearby while he was talking with this girl who I also must interact and cooperate with on a regular basis (but who I like infinitely more than the man and who, I hope, likes me as well), and while I was only slightly eavesdropping (and not purposefully, honestly. I will outright admit that I eavesdrop all the time, but this circumstance was just because they were talking in the hallway outside the room I was in), I realized they were discussing the sitcom Friends.

Now, I am not a fan of Friends. My sister used to watch it because it was on Netflix, and she wanted background noise while doing her artwork, and I watched it purely because I liked being in the room where the tv was. It was forced on me, damn it!

But I digress. The main reason that I won't watch Friends of my own accord is because of the character Ross. I have no problem with anyone else, but Ross is such a douche that he ruins the show. And I got this from watching no more than ten random episodes. I really doubt that my sister just so happened to be watching the only ten episodes where Ross is an insufferable douche out of the dozens of Friends episodes that exist. So, I mean, I have to believe he's just always an insufferable douche.

I hate Ross so much that I outright refuse to watch the show at all because I don't want to be exposed to his idiocy and the fact that he somehow still has friends and a girlfriend despite being every woman's worst nightmare. Everyone I've talked to who actually enjoys the show also agrees that Ross is disgusting and awful.

ANYWAY. These two people were talking about Friends and the question came up of who the man's favorite character was. YOU HAVE ONE GUESS ON WHAT HIS ANSWER WAS.

Ross. Of course. So, you know, anyone who is in any way familiar with Friends is probably immediately aware of what kind of person this guy is now and understands completely why we do not get along.

(Sidenote: He also revealed his least favorite character to be Monica. While I haven't actually watched the show enough to get a feel for Monica's character, from discussions we've had about this show in a college Psych class I took last year (don't ask), I am pretty sure of all the characters on that show, I am most similar to Monica. I am also a high strung, anxious, controlling perfectionist. So I know why I don't like him, and it is now also evident why the opposite is true as well.)


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