Jul. 30th, 2016

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So as you can see from my title, I went and saw Star Trek Beyond, and boy do I have some opinions. And having no one to share the opinions with means I'm going to type them all out here on dreamwidth, never to know if anyone else has ever read them or not. This will contain spoilers, so I'll put in a cut. I would also like to mention that the following is entirely my own opinion and is not a professional review (it is serious, but I'm not, like, being paid for this or anything. It's just for my own entertainment).

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Overall, I'd rate this movie 8.5/10. It'd be higher, but I had to deduct for the wonky camera during the fight scenes. I would totally recommend fans of the franchise see the movie, and I would hope that even people who haven't seen the two prequels could jump in with this one and enjoy it. Can't say for sure, since I, you know, have seen the prequels.


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